How Our Lifestyle Has Been Drastically Changed Due To COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic is not just a global crisis, but an event that has changed the world forever. When the pandemic will end and people around the globe will finally come out of their homes, they will have something vital to ponder on—where we will go from here? There will be two paths in front of us. One path that leads to nowhere, where we will keep running in circles. The other one, a road to a better future where humanity will thrive and prosper. It will be up to us to decide which path we take.

The outbreak of the pandemic has made one thing clear. We are all equal in the eyes of nature. Everyone has been hit by the outbreak just the same. A world once obsessed with luxury goods suddenly rushed to stock up on essentials. Behind the protective face masks and gloves, everyone was equally scared and worried. The priority was health, rest was secondary.

Examples of compassion and kindness are all over the internet. Togetherness has found a new meaning in this difficult time. Qualities that we as a community have rekindled on a global level will not disappear even when the virus does.

Here are some drastic changes we are facing right now in our lifestyle:

1.  The Way We Greet.

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention initially urged people to opt for an elbow bump over a handshake, greetings have now altogether become a no go, as people has been asked to maintain social distancing, or 6 feet, at all times and the majority have been asked not to leave their homes except for essential needs, such as medical care, groceries or exercise.

2.  More Home-Made Food

Research says 32% of adults plan to eat at restaurants quite often. Various reasons can work behind it. The reluctance of cooking, regular home food or looking for a change in taste can be the reasons. But due to this lockdown, people are bound to cook food at home which may help in developing a habit to cook regularly in future too.

3.  Hygiene Habits

Health experts say the best, simplest ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, Wash your hands. Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. Avoid touching your face. Stay home if you are sick.

The disease transmission goes from a cough or sneeze to a surface to your hand to your face, and that’s how people get infected.

Good hand washing really matters. If people cough or sneeze into their elbow, that limits the spread of respiratory secretions. What all of us can do together is follow basic hygiene measures that will actually slow the spread of disease in communities.

4.  Going out for essentials

Shopping was a fun activity before the outbreak of Coronavirus. Most of us were fond of visiting the local grocery shop or even the shopping malls to buy new attires and household items. But, going out to shop in the phase of lockdown has become an emergency activity.

We now shop only for essentials as we can’t seldom venture out. This activity then requires a strict protocol of precautions and is advised to be done dressed up in the special attires of mask and gloves. In the phase of COVID-19, you can’t go out without making sure that you’re totally safe.

5.  The way we connect with our friends

Under complete lockdown connecting with your friends seems impossible. Speaking with them over phone calls and doing a video call is the only medium to connect with your friends during this phase. Like it or not, it has become a new part of the contemporary lifestyle. Staying in complete isolation from your friends might seem like a hard pass yet you need to take precautionary measures if you want to stay safe.

The future is uncertain, but the possibilities of making a big change are in front of us. There will be conflicts, difficulties, and challenges along the way, but together we can make impossible possible. The only thing we need is to choose the right path, which can lead us to a more promising, and a brighter future.

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