7 Simple Hacks To Get Hair Volume That Actually Lasts

Does your hair lack volume? If your tresses have a habit of just lying there, completely lifeless, looking as flat-as-road-kill, you need to show them who's boss. 

No one wants thin, flat, limp hair, so we get why you're a little envious when you run into that woman with the impossibly thick and bountiful strands. Well, that can be you, too. Thankfully, by following some easy tips, you can add some body to your limp locks, transforming them into a flowing mane filled with ample bounce and vitality. 

1. Pick a thickening shampoo and conditioner

Here’s the thing: All those volumizers and thickeners aren’t really going to work if you haven’t prepped in the shower with the right shampoo—specifically, one with plumping ingredients to help boost the fullness of your hair. So do your fine hair a favor and suds up with thickening shampoos and conditioners. I promise you’ll be impressed with the results.

2. Dry your hair upside down

It's time to hang that head upside down while blow-drying your locks. This naturally pulls your hair away from your scalp, adding volume. 

3. Master the art of curling

Use a curling tong to add waves through your lengths, not only will it give extra width, but the dimension and texture will make hair appear fuller. Once you have your curls just the way you want them, simply apply some hairspray to hold the style and voila! you have a head full of body and natural-looking wave. 

4. Layer it Up!

Regardless of the length, you want to maintain, the first step to create volume in your mane would be to get a haircut that would involve layers. If you have waist length hair go for inverted long layers, If you want volume at the crown like an inverted square which adds more layers at the top and if you’re ends are thin go for a square layered haircuts which would give you more layers at the bottom.

5. Part with your part

Another simple way is to change your parting and do it on the opposite side of your usual side to create volume at the crown. The truth is that when you always part your hair in the same place, you are actually training it to lie flat and behave itself. By switching to the other side or even the middle, you will add instant volume and lift to your hair. 

6. Try dry shampoo 

Dry shampoo is one of the beauty world's modern miracles, but it does more than make your dirty locks look clean. Spraying a bit of dry shampoo along your roots can give you an instant boost of volume. And it can also stop volume-sucking oils from building up. If you are waiting for your hair to get greasy before applying dry shampoo, however, you are doing it all wrong. By applying dry shampoo on Day 1 of the wash cycle, you will prevent oils from developing and robbing your head of much need volume. 

7. Strategically tease your hair

If your locks tend to fall flat, use a skinny or rattail comb to gently tease it at the roots all over, giving the appearance of more volume.

A more targeted approach: Back-comb near the roots with a comb where you want height (like at the crown), then comb over hair to smooth.

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