5 Pro Tips To Plan An Amazing House Party In 2020

This year (2020) we ain't going out. Yeah you heard right, with this present scenario of pandemic we have enough idea that party and vacation is not in our list anymore at least for this year. Still we can hope some relaxation in lock down by the end of the year where we can allow ourselves to go out with friends and chill but till then if you are planning to celebrate something within the premises of home and neighborhood, a House Party will be an amazing idea with limited friends and family members.


Unlike a club or bar you can be in complete control – you choose the music, the guest list, the eats and the closing time. But with great power comes great responsibility, and if you don’t approach house party planning properly, your next invitation may be deleted before it’s even read. Everyone likes to be a good host and throw a party no one wants to leave. While just the right amount of alcohol may facilitate that, make sure that your guests leave with. We are here with some amazing house party tips to make your party super fun.

1. Lighting will set the mood

Whatever you do, don’t leave overhead lights on, the brightness will kill the atmosphere before the party has started! Equally, make it too dark and it will be impossible for your guests to socialise. Lighting plays such an important part in a party, so why not consider hiring some intelligent moving light units to wash your walls with colour or create really funky effects – think about creating theatre within your home!

2. Keep the decor easy and classy

You don’t wanna pull off a Pinterest-y decor and go overboard with it when you’re strapped for cash! A bunch of roses and carnations here and there would totally do. For a simple party backdrop, you can DIY using supplies from your local stationery shop. Another decorating tip: focus on items that pull double duty, like candles that function as decor and lighting.

3. Book a photographer

You and your guests will have some great memories of the party, but even better would be a photographic record of the event. Posed shots are fine, but the photographer who can work virtually unnoticed to spot and photograph special moments as they happen will capture the true flavour of your party – and that’s the one to hire.

4. Cheers, Amigos!

Who would want to go to a house party where there are absolutely NO drinks? Be it alcoholic or non-alcoholic; good drinks will always pump up the guests. Don’t forget to have multiple options, even if it is a BYOB-style party. Arrange for the right amount of water, soda, and lemonade. 

5. Multiple spaces, multiple interests

Not all guests would be willing to indulge in just one particular activity. Pay close attention to how your furniture is organized; it’ll help in accommodating interesting spots for your guests. Try to have multiple sitting areas when you arrange your furniture so that your ‘squad’ has enough space to interact with each other. 

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