5 Life Changing Things you will Learn When You Live Alone

Living alone – we’ve all dreamt of it at one point or the other. It certainly does come with its perks: getting to live by your own rules and the independence it entails without making compromises with others, that confidence, the knowledge that you know you can make it on your own. But that confidence doesn’t come unearned – there’s a myriad of troubles and hoops one has to navigate through to earn that title of ‘self-sufficient.’ Life is about finding yourself and anyone who's lived on their own will know staying alone is the best way to get there. Here are the 10 most amazing things a person can experience who chooses to live alone.

1. You Won't Need The Validation of Others

When you spend your time, effort and energy being what you think others expect you to be, you will never live an authentic life. Many of us feel accomplished once we have the validation of another person, whether it’s family, friends, colleagues or teachers. It can be the reason why we stay in relationships that make us unhappy, in jobs that we despise, or spend time with people who are toxic. But when you spend time alone, when no one else is around but you, you will begin to realize that the only person you really need to impress is yourself. Your own approval is all that matters. You will no longer feel the need to please others and gain their praise; how you feel about yourself is enough.

2. You don’t need as much as you think you do

Honestly, it is shocking how little groceries I need for one person. When I first moved, I was buying all this food at the supermarket because I thought I would be cooking myself these delicious meals and would want to eat different things everyday. In reality? I ended up throwing away a lot of food until I learned to only buy what I really need to get me through the week. The same goes for clothes and all types of belongings. really. I stopped being shown up in too much clothing. I literally need a combination of 3-4 pairs even if I am going out to pub.

3. Self-care becomes more important

When you’re alone, you’re in charge, and there’s nothing worse than trying to run a house and maintain cleanliness, complete tasks and pay the bills than when you’re spending your time vomiting and administering yourself medication. Noting how busy and stressed one is when alone, it’s difficult to pick out time in the day to dedicate to self-care. It’s important to create time for yourself to unplug and relax.

4. Living alone doesn’t mean you’re going to be lonely

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path. – Gautama Buddha.

So why are people incredibly against being alone? We all seem to be afraid of it. I think the best part about being alone is that you really don’t have to answer to anybody. You do what you want. Loneliness is not something to aim for, but being alone doesn’t necessarily mean being lonely. In fact, spending more time with your own self, without being surrounded by people, and without virtually surrounding yourself via all those social networking platforms, you can find solace in the company that matters most: the relationship you have with yourself. So from now on spend more time with yourself and only yourself, and soon you will realize that as truth, and feel happy.

5. It could be your much-needed leap of faith, or your path to independence.

A huge part of being alone is taking chances and dragging yourself outside of your comfort zone, even if it's kicking and screaming. When the responsibility of bills, groceries, multitasking, getting your maintenance guys to actually follow through, and just about everything else falls on your shoulders, you really have to push yourself to stay on top of things. There's no better feeling than struggling and getting through whatever you're dealing with, all because of your own hard work. While there have definitely been some hard moments and screw ups along the way, living by myself has made me a more independent and confident woman and I would do it all over again.

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